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In order to make the search and order procedure easier, we have segmented our products in product categories. Every category has further filters helping you to narrow down your search as quickly and easily as possibly. shall make all possible efforts to provide world-class service to you. However, cases of errors may not be excluded for prices and secondary product characteristics and it cannot be ensured that there will be no suspended webpage operation or “human” errors when updating/entering product prices. For the safety and effectiveness of your purchases, we urge you, if you find that a product is available at an unusually low or high price compared to its market value, to contact the Sales Department at +30 2112134605 or through the contact form available online before you proceed to an order.

Once your order is registered, you shall receive an automated e-mail stating your order details. You can view the progress of your order through the e-shop under “Management”. In general, and in case where there are any pending issues with respect to your order, you will be sent a relevant e-mail. Alternatively, we shall contact you at the telephone numbers provided upon your registration or when you entered your order on our site. You are asked to make sure these e-mails reach us and to maintain them throughout our transaction. In case where you do not receive the relevant e-mails, you are obliged to notify us without delay under the general terms governing our transactions.

Order Cancellation

An order may be cancelled in the following cases: Before the order is complete, during the online order placement, you may remove product quantities from your basket by pressing the delete button. If the online order has been completed, but the product has not yet been invoiced/sent, you may call +30 2112134605 and we shall undertake the cancellation of your order. In case where your order has already been invoiced, but you have not yet received it and you wish it is cancelled, immediately contact us at +30 2112134605 and give your order details. We shall immediately inform you about all your options. Once part of the order is received and you do not want the remaining order to be sent, call us at +30 2112134605 or contact us through the online contact form and explain the reason why you wish the remaining order to be cancelled. We shall immediately inform you about all your options.

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